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Sitting in an office and doing the numbering behind a computer screen or coding a program is not the only way to earn money anymore. With a food delivery driver app, you can now register yourself to deliver food and earn extra cash without having to interact with people, unlike driving in Uber. In this peer-to-peer economy, getting paid by delivering food is a lot easier than you think. All you require is a mode of transportation i.e. bike, car, motorcycle or you can sometimes even deliver on foot and a smartphone.

You only have to register yourself with a food delivery driver app and start delivering food and earning today. There are numerous such apps that you can work and deliver with. Whether it is a meal from a local Turkish restaurant or grocery for the week, there are numerous on-demand food delivery apps looking for drivers. Let’s have a look at some apps for delivery driver that pay you to deliver food and other stuff.

  • UberEats

Nobody is unknown to Uber, a GPS-managed taxi service that you can order from your smartphone. In 2015, Uber launched UberEats, a food delivery service where customers get food delivered to their doorstep. This food delivery driver app is always on the outlook for drivers. The drivers only have to pick food from restaurants and deliver to customers.

  • DoorDash

Similar to UberEats, DoorDash lets the customer get food delivered from their favorite restaurants to their doorstep. Get paid to deliver food by setting your own schedule. DoorDash drivers, Dashers as they are called, are eligible to a base pay and you get to keep all the tips to yourself.

  • Udely

Udely is a peer-to-peer map-integrated delivery service that lets the customer get anything from food, groceries, personal items, home goods, etc. delivered to their home or office. You can become a delivery driver, called Udely, and start earning today. You can become your own boss, get paid for the deliveries you made and manage your own schedule.

  • Grubhub

With Grubhub, customers get food delivered by ordering from mobile phones or online restaurants. You can become a driver of this food delivery driver app if you are 19 years or above, have 2 years of driving experience and have a smartphone.

  • Shipt

An on-demand grocery delivery service, Shipt hires shoppers who will buy groceries for the customer and deliver to their doorstep. You can earn bucks by becoming a Shipt shopper. All you have to do is accept an order, shop the stuff and deliver it within stated time. Shipt allows the shopper to keep 7.5% of every order other than the base pay of $5/order.

Being hired as a driver for food delivery driver app is the best way to buck up your bank account and give your finances a boost. What’s best about these delivery driver jobs is that you get you select your own schedule and work on your own pace.

Can A Trainer or App lead to nutritious life and fitness?

Nowadays, a young lot is into and has fitness freaks that are good in a way to keep a check and balance on your health. A healthy lifestyle would lead you to a nutritious life and prevent you from aging.

Fitness fanatics attend workout sessions because they believe their trainer could help them to reach out the real body goals easily by keeping them restricted to healthy consumptions. But on the other hand, a various amount of applications are developed to keep you motivated and help you in bringing out the best of your enthusiasm for a healthy living, no matter if you are very much into diet control or exercising to keep your body in shape. Applications do wonder because there is so much punctuality you get modified daily.

To all the gym gurus, they can have their favourite fitness apps which they think can keep them on track of progress. So, whenever they skip gym they can have it on their tips. Once in a while, it’s okay not to hit gym with the same zeal, its okay to feel tired sometimes because you are human and laziness too makes you feel better at times.

That’s why all these advancements in recent technology are increasing with time and it’s been taking place nowadays. Apps help you workout in your living room, you don’t have to go out if you are not feeling going out, and that is so easy and comfortable.

Trainers help you lose your weight and burn your calories in a way that shapes your body perfectly.

All these fitness apps are there to help you live the healthiest life. Working out and dieting makes you feel comfortable and relieves your stress as well, doing both that doesn’t mean you can’t eat but definitely its totally fine not to resist sometimes and succumb to all the cravings so you can have the food to your liking because it too makes you feel better

The workout is the routine, it should not only be for days. Do make time for it and just get it done if you are also finding any sort of motivation then just stop because it’s the time to just trust yourself and work hard you will find motivation in everything once you are at it.

If you are not the one who cut the gym so just download an app and make your own gym at home.

“To earn something you have to work hard for a little more”

Nutritious life and fitness require determination, just believe you can and you will stop thinking negative and eat junk and that’s how you will get there. Remember nobody could stop you or hold you back.

It’s up to you what you choose a trainer or an app but both of these require consistency and your will without it positive outcome is hard to get.

Applications are a lot easier way to get it done and it keeps you more into it like you can be more efficient, it saves your time because you don’t have to go anywhere

As time passes by, more functions and changes to the fitness applications which enhance the beauty of fitness.

Getting your body toned and feeling light is the best feeling anyone could feel. Above all, health and fitness is the nature of our life that keeps us little more active. It’s the therapy that leads us to a nutritious and fit life.

Applications invent via multiple of developers around the globe are making sure that they give us perfect and complete package related to our diet and exercise regime and what to eat or avoid and at what is the best time to consume each product.

The developers have also launched a certain application for the beginners; these certain applications provide the perfect audience according to the body and weight of a person that what type of exercise a person should start with. These applications even work on step by step phenomena to keep the beginners motivated by a small amount of homework each day.

In starting up with a fitness schedule, age is not a factor that matter, all that matter is your dedication and determination that has to be no less as the time pass on by. Just keep one thing in mind that you are still alive and you still have to take care of the body and health that God had created. However, on a general note, aged people are more likely interested in performing Yoga and Aerobics in comparison with the workouts via different machines. Due to the age factor, the fitness coach was also not a choice by every aged person, as they feel much lazy and tired to get up from the bed and go out for a workout on a fixed time. The applicati8ons have provided a great leverage to the old age that makes them believe in the statement that “Age is just a number”.

The more aged you are the disease occurrence rate will increase and by the time you become aged high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol are the common diseases that you might cause. fitness applications are providing assistance to overcome these diseases as well. As these applications contain different trackers such as heartbeat tracker, footsteps calculations, and calories consumed tracker. You might get a shock by taking a look over the calories you consume each day and try improving your habits.

Hence it is proved that hiring a fitness trainer is not a bad idea but in today’s advanced time and shorter space of time on everyone’s end, the fitness apps are more preferred over any other coaching. These applications are a complete package of all that you need so avail it before it’s too late. As quoted by an anonymous writer~

”Each new day is a new OPPORTUNITY to improve yourself. TAKE IT and make the most out of it”

The Monetization Of Match-Making Apps

In the early times when dating apps were used to help people in finding their significant other, they had to avoid telling people how they met and instead would use excuses such as “through a friend” or “at a bar.” This was done to avoid the shame attached to digital matchmaking.

Today, however, swiping right has become incredibly common and is perceived as a very casual act such as sending a text or leaving your number on a tissue. The phrases “first date” and “dating after being matched for the first time” have become synonyms.

As adult dating apps have started to be used more and more, our society has moved away from the uninvited approaches in bars and buying drinks to strangers in nightclubs; these mutual dating apps have become a norm.

These mature dating apps have around twenty to thirty million users that are active monthly. Allowing millions of users to match; this has paved way leading to the loss of stigma and has started to move towards a trend of gramification. This trend has increased the size of adult dating apps to over $2 billion, and if these mutual dating apps have a good strategy, then more money can be exploited.

However, Monetization has been a problem for the new dating app industry ever since this concept has been introduced. An average user can spend around 90 minutes every day on top dating apps and can log in 15 times every day. With the mentioned statistics, these applications have a potential to generate large revenue, but due to the competition of quality, only the most established mature dating apps can risk proper monetization without turning users away.

For a fledging dating app losing or turning away, users can be very fatal. With young and increasingly busy, always on mobile-audience, the attraction towards dating app industry has become very addictive. Tinder, the famous dating app has been valued at $1 million, but when it presented monetization in the form of Tinder Plus, it suffered heavily.

Tinder Plus was a subscription service that added extra functionality to the dating app however when it comes down to rating the app; it got 1.5 stars on App Store whereas Tinder had a four-star average rating. Many mobile dating apps have their own strategies to follow when it comes to monetization. Some avoid subscription and instead use a freemium model by following the strategy used by gaming apps.

With the lowering of the stigma attached to adult dating apps, along with the technological advancements and the growing target of this industry, it is clear that these dating apps have come to stay. The dating industry as mentioned above is worth $2 billion, but many dating apps don’t consider their chances of making a profit.

Many of these new mobile dating apps have not even been introduced with a successful plan to monetize their service whereas few are leading the way. Mentioned below are some successful ways you can monetize your services and enjoy.


This is the most common method of monetization among dating apps where users are allowed to purchase either premium features yearly, quarterly or monthly basis or grab a membership.

  • An example of this is Tinder Plus.

Tinder Plus gave their uses access to features such as Rewind and Passport and also a chance for unlimited Like’s. What they did is they did not charge their users for core features but instead added the most requested features of the app by offering these in-demand features at a price.

The best time to use this subscription feature for monetization is when your new dating app had extensively engaged users and increased the traffic coming to your application.


Following gaming applications, Freemium is a popular technique amongst new dating applications. This technique allows users to access the simpler version of the social dating app for free without any money and then you can charge them for premium features.

With OkCupid’s premium features you have the upper hand as you can buy as many boosts as you want to outshine other OkCupid users. Some dating apps also allow you to get featured for six to seven hours in the district of your choosing.


Unlike subscription which is a time-based monetizing option, Freemium model is a much better; it lets you purchase premium features whenever you want without any time limit.

This option is a good strategy for initial dating apps as they can reach more users due to having an open trial and keeping a low barrier for user’s entry.

Gifts And Tangible Services

Monetization can be approached by using an old fashion way of allowing users to buy gifts. You can allow your users to digitally gift their dates on the site with roses, complimentary services such as a cab or book a table and also buy them chocolates and small pieces of cute jewelry.

  • An example of this is Grouper

This app allows users to buy gifts for each other and once the date is set, then the person can pay $20 to cover the cost of drinks and services.

This technique will not only help bring money to your business but will also bring back chivalry.


This is the most comprehensive monetization technique and can be helpful for non-paying users; new dating apps can opt for in-app advertising, but you must have a sophisticated advertising solution. This solution to have in-app advertisements should in no way disrupt the user’s interaction to infringer their privacy.

Advertising must be done by respecting the form and function of the application; only then can this be a good monetization method.



With these methods, first dating apps can generate revenue as well as help their users in finding their significant others. New dating apps are on the rise and can easily monetize their services for the betterment of their business. Generating revenue on social dating apps can help these applications to become better and easier with more advanced features thus allowing users to enjoy it more.




Progressive web apps and their advantages

Take the advantages of apps and throw them in with the advantages of web apps. What do you get? Progressive web apps. Combining the best of both the technologies, PWA’s have been hailed as the future of mobile.

What does a progressive web app entail?

Since it is Progressive, your app must work on any type of device (smartphone, tablet, desktop) regardless of its browser type.

Web: it must be discoverable through a search engine, and be shareable via URL just like a normal web link.

App: like native apps, a PWA should be able to work offline. This is made possible by service workers that let PWA work on little or no connectivity. For example, Uber’s web app is made to work fast even on 2G networks. It takes only a passing 3 seconds to load it on 2G networks.
Just like apps, it must also have features such as push notifications.

Other features of a PWA include a smooth app lie experience, installation but without the trouble of an app store, and continuously updated content.

Progressive web apps are important. Many renowned companies have launched their PWA, and the returns they have experienced are shocking.

The best western river north hotel saw an increase of 300% revenue boost after launching their progressive web app.

Forbes increased its impressions per second by 10% with their PWA.

Zero commitment

A progressive web app does not require commitment the way a native app does. You can use a web app before installation. If you like it, install it. If you don’t like it, don’t install it.


These are easy to upgrade too. You do not need to have all the features added at once. After the PWA is built, you can add features along the way.

Cost less
Another advantage that comes along with PWA is these are more economical. Developers don’t need to spend as much time on building them and upgrading them later. Similarly, since these are cross-platform, they are coded as such that they can work on any browser. This eliminates the need to develop different apps for the Apple Store and Android store, further reducing costs.


With the power of AMP, users can break free of the restrictive internet connectivity bars. No matter how low the connection, as we stated above, a progressive web app will load for you. Thus companies can avoid losing leads.

Less device storage

Device storage is a concern and users are quick to uninstall apps, according to this article on Business Insider. PWAs offer an excellent solution to this storage issue by reducing device storage need by X25.



Successful Digital Marketing In 5 Easy Steps

With the evolution of modern technologies and advancements, small to medium enterprises  are adopting all the latest digital marketing strategies they can to keep up. These strategies can actually be effective for the growth of business. Old and well recognized businesses are also changing their old school ways of marketing and are turning towards digital marketing to engage more audience. In an attempt to earn lucrative online marketplace, every business needs to understand the basics of digital marketing and its usages.

For digital marketing is the process of engaging targeted audiences online, converting them into leads and ultimately boost the sales. On the other side, if the process is not done by a good digital marketing services, it can have short term negative impact on your business. Even if you get hundreds of visitors daily to your website, it wouldn’t yield any profit unless they are converted into leads or sales. In the digital world, every brand is looking forward to best digital marketing experts and digital marketing agencies to provide them with the best digital marketing tools for competition, survival and incredible business growth.

Here are five steps that will help you understand digital marketing and its role in making your business successful.

Develop Useful And Valuable Content 

In the arena of digital marketing, content has always been the king. But, it should always add value, be so appealing that it makes your clients talking, and so unique that it goes viral. In order to produce good content, do the following:

  • Offer high-quality infographics that can help drive traffic and generate links to your official site.
  • Provide white papers or free guides that assist your customers and they enjoy coming back to you for more informative stuff.
  • Keep an eye on trending news and current issues, write something relevant and grab attention of masses.

Use SEO Tools To Optimize Your Website

Successful and effective digital marketing strategies require you to stay updated with the evolving marketing demographics and informed about your customer’s likes, dislikes and behaviors. Following are the steps to effective SEO marketing:

  • First find out your target audience and the type of information they usually look for.
  • Detect the most relevant keywords and place them effectively to optimize your site.
  • Regularly improve and reevaluate your SEO.

Keep An Eye On Your Customer’s Activities

If you really want to engage your customers then hire effective digital marketing agency who can use digital marketing strategies in the most productive manner possible. Initially it can be difficult for any small business SEO service to capture the attention of targeted audience. However, following steps can make the process less difficult.  

  • Grow your reach and support your content through different social media.
  • Use paid marketing campaigns to grow your subscribers and followers then provide them link to your website and convert site traffic into leads.
  • Keep your conversation continued.
  • Influence customer loyalties and develop your leads and with a word of mouth.

Transform Your Digital Marketing With Mobile-Marketing

This is the age of smartphones, more than half of the world’s total population is comprised of smartphones users. You must opt for Mobile-Friendly Websites and apps to generate traffic to your website.

A few examples of mobile marketing tools are given below:

  • QR codes
  • Mobile-responsive website design
  • Apps
  • SMS alerts
  • Augmented reality
  • Location-based advertising

Use Big Data Resources To Make Better Digital Marketing Decisions

Your potential customers tend to use multiple social channels— it’s good to interact with them through different resources for different purposes that affects your overall digital marketing strategy.  Big Data, if used correctly can help you to: 

  • Grow your conversion rate of lead-to-client with smart CRM automation management, data governance and reporting.
  • Use new digital media marketing tools to engage your customers, follower, subscribers and viewers across all digital channels. 


Influencer marketing explained

If you are in the industry, you might have heard the term influencer marketing and know about it. The marketing world is buzzing with it. With it holding so much importance, we think it is a great time to brush up one’s knowledge. For people who aren’t aware or are aware of the term this post is for all, alike.

What is influencer marketing?

To put it simply, it is the process of hiring a socially affluent personality as a part of your campaign to endorse your product. This, in turn, creates authenticity and credibility of your brand because the person endorsing is trusted by a huge fan following base.

Influencer marketing has proved to be extremely lucrative if employed the right way with the help of influencer marketing companies.

Think about it: almost 50% of people rely on influencer recommendations.

You can reach people relevant to your industry through influencer marketing software or an influencer search engine.

How it relates to other types of marketing

One could say it is the amalgamation of social media marketing and content marketing – a hybrid of sorts. The social media aspect is that you utilize this platform to reach influencers in the first place.  Moreover, these people whom you want to endorse your brand, in turn, do so through one of the multiple social channels available.

Similarly, the content aspect is that it involves sharing of quality content with the followers; content that either company provides or the influencer comes up with himself.

What is NOT influencer marketing:

Ø Advocate marketing

First of all, this is an unpaid form of marketing. On the other hand, influencers gain some sort of monetary gains, for example, free products. In advocate marketing brands encourage loyal customers to share your product with other people. This may be done by providing incentives.

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