Influencer marketing explained

If you are in the industry, you might have heard the term influencer marketing and know about it. The marketing world is buzzing with it. With it holding so much importance, we think it is a great time to brush up one’s knowledge. For people who aren’t aware or are aware of the term this post is for all, alike.

What is influencer marketing?

To put it simply, it is the process of hiring a socially affluent personality as a part of your campaign to endorse your product. This, in turn, creates authenticity and credibility of your brand because the person endorsing is trusted by a huge fan following base.

Influencer marketing has proved to be extremely lucrative if employed the right way with the help of influencer marketing companies.

Think about it: almost 50% of people rely on influencer recommendations.

You can reach people relevant to your industry through influencer marketing software or an influencer search engine.

How it relates to other types of marketing

One could say it is the amalgamation of social media marketing and content marketing – a hybrid of sorts. The social media aspect is that you utilize this platform to reach influencers in the first place.  Moreover, these people whom you want to endorse your brand, in turn, do so through one of the multiple social channels available.

Similarly, the content aspect is that it involves sharing of quality content with the followers; content that either company provides or the influencer comes up with himself.

What is NOT influencer marketing:

Ø Advocate marketing

First of all, this is an unpaid form of marketing. On the other hand, influencers gain some sort of monetary gains, for example, free products. In advocate marketing brands encourage loyal customers to share your product with other people. This may be done by providing incentives.