Progressive web apps and their advantages

Take the advantages of apps and throw them in with the advantages of web apps. What do you get? Progressive web apps. Combining the best of both the technologies, PWA’s have been hailed as the future of mobile.

What does a progressive web app entail?

Since it is Progressive, your app must work on any type of device (smartphone, tablet, desktop) regardless of its browser type.

Web: it must be discoverable through a search engine, and be shareable via URL just like a normal web link.

App: like native apps, a PWA should be able to work offline. This is made possible by service workers that let PWA work on little or no connectivity. For example, Uber’s web app is made to work fast even on 2G networks. It takes only a passing 3 seconds to load it on 2G networks.
Just like apps, it must also have features such as push notifications.

Other features of a PWA include a smooth app lie experience, installation but without the trouble of an app store, and continuously updated content.

Progressive web apps are important. Many renowned companies have launched their PWA, and the returns they have experienced are shocking.

The best western river north hotel saw an increase of 300% revenue boost after launching their progressive web app.

Forbes increased its impressions per second by 10% with their PWA.

Zero commitment

A progressive web app does not require commitment the way a native app does. You can use a web app before installation. If you like it, install it. If you don’t like it, don’t install it.


These are easy to upgrade too. You do not need to have all the features added at once. After the PWA is built, you can add features along the way.

Cost less
Another advantage that comes along with PWA is these are more economical. Developers don’t need to spend as much time on building them and upgrading them later. Similarly, since these are cross-platform, they are coded as such that they can work on any browser. This eliminates the need to develop different apps for the Apple Store and Android store, further reducing costs.


With the power of AMP, users can break free of the restrictive internet connectivity bars. No matter how low the connection, as we stated above, a progressive web app will load for you. Thus companies can avoid losing leads.

Less device storage

Device storage is a concern and users are quick to uninstall apps, according to this article on Business Insider. PWAs offer an excellent solution to this storage issue by reducing device storage need by X25.