Every developer is well-aware with the truth that the likelihood of your app becoming the talk of the town is very less, considering the intense competition. To fill the gap and to go a mile ahead in an effort to race ahead of competitors, marketing mobile apps online is the best bet. A marketing plan in place even after the launch of your app is crucial to the widespread success of your app. Leave no stone unturned or any venture untapped if you want your app to reach unprecedented heights. While you may look only at the good part, let’s explore some of the post-launch pitfalls to avoid. It’s best to know the potential pitfalls that a marketer needs to avoid in order to nurture a successful mobile app.

  • Less focus on user engagement

The customer of today has plenty of choices. If they are not getting their required level of satisfaction from you, they will uninstall the app and download competitor’s app in a blink. To retain the loyalty of the user, engage with the user. You will notice a sudden drop-off in downloads if you ignore user engagement and retention.

  • Not measuring results

Money is not the only result that should be measured when it comes to apps. You should measure how many people are using the app every day, which features are drawing the maximum number of people, any particular section where people are dropping, etc.

  • Improper app description

Your app description plays a very important role in increasing your app downloads. Use this description as a marketing tool where you can sell the app to as many people as you want. Make this space app store optimized to be able to achieve higher downloads. When the updates occur, design that description carefully too.

  • Lousy customer support

The ever-informed customer of the modern world wants everything top-notch. Even if your app has thousands of users, each must be treated with care and individual attention. Word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool and can prove to be very harmful if you don’t treat customers with care.

  • Excessive push notifications

While it is good to keep up with customers and engage, bothering the customer with push notifications may drive the user away from your app. Plan your push notifications carefully enough so that the user doesn’t uninstall your app in a blink. Give users the leverage to turn off the push notifications whenever they want.


The success of an app depends majorly on both pre and post-launch mobile app marketing. If any of these important areas is neglected, the app suffers. As important as it is to create an excellent app that runs flawlessly, it is equally important to market the app rightly so that it generates the required ROI. You don’t want your app to add to the clutter on the app store. Make your app stand out with excellent marketing strategies and tactics.