Is Mobile Advertising the Future of Digital Marketing?

The world has become mobile now. Almost everyone today has a smartphone in their hands allowing them to be excessively informed and provides a frequent flow of important information to the customerRecent studies show that about 51% of the U.S. population use mobile phones while still only 42% use desktops. Mobile advertising has become the latest trend adopted by many of the firms to make their names recognizable and tap the market in a smart way. It has become an integral part of digital advertising and contributed 51% to the entire digital spending in 2017. 

What makes mobile internet users enticing to the marketer? 

The users of mobile internet possess special traits that make this chunk of the market very lucrative to the marketer. This segment can be geo-located and can be targeted as per their likings. This chunk also exists as a much younger market, 60% of the market that lies between 25-34 years own their personal smartphones. The segment is better educated and in few of the cases, wealthier as well. 

iPad and tablets- can they be targeted too? 

Tablet users are targeted using device-specific ad campaigns, even though the users cannot take advantage of the call to action option. Marketer usually tracks tablet-focused campaigns separately simply because they are capable of providing alleviated click rates and conversions than simple tablet ad campaigns. This gives the marketer the opportunity to be able to budget separately for tablet campaigns and adjust spending and priorities as per requirements. iPad and tablets are excessively used to target in several different ways such as videos, pop-ups, games, etc.  

What should the marketer consider? 

The marketer must ensure that the website and ad are tailored to work on different mobile platforms. When mobile users click through your website, they should ideally see a website that is responsive, easy to navigate, well-aligned and easy to be used and read on a small mobile screen. Marketers have placed immense importance on this factor and are have made responsive web designs a default part of mobile advertisingWhen a responsive website is ensured, the next step is to design a mobile campaign that takes the brand to the next level. When designing a campaign, the marketer must keep in mind the consumer dynamics (age, preferences, dislikes) so that the ad brings fruitful results 

Is mobile ad really the future of digital marketing? 

As the stats suggest, yes! Mobile devices have already changed the market dynamics largely and the effects of which cannot be unseen or ignored. The upshot for tech-savvy businesspersons is an alleviated bottom-line. And since it marks as the need of the time, it offers numerous advantages for advertisers. Mobile search and social media have taken the market by storm and continue to do so in the next upcoming years. The main reason behind the enormous impact of digital advertising is the widespread reach of these campaigns. Not only it allows focused and purposeful targeting, but it also allows to do so in a way that the customer loves.