The Brown Diamond Buying Guide

Diamonds that have a striking brown color with an elegant sparkle have been quite the rage this year. These Chocolate Diamonds® have an alluring quality about them, no matter what kind of shade range they fall under. Although people harbor a preference for colorless diamonds due to tradition, brown diamonds are selling out more than ever.


There are many questions that arise when buying a Chocolate Diamond®. Their legitimacy, if they are artificial nature, the price point, cut and size are all things to deliberate upon. While these are exquisite stones that make for fine jewelry, they will not bankrupt you. Here is a full guide to buying the perfect kind of brown diamond:


An imperative feature when looking for a brown diamond is its overall clarity. This is especially true for Chocolate Diamonds® as their color may have a huge effect on the clearness you see. When observing the clarity of the diamond you will be able to note how many inclusions the stone has. If there are quite a lot of inclusions this can lead to the diamond losing part of its brilliance. To make sure you buy the right diamond you have to evaluate it in a well-lit room and pay extra attention to how the light reflects on its surface.


Price Range

Brown diamonds are still actual, real diamonds. But they do fall within the typecast of natural colored diamonds. These fancy stones are some of the most common colored diamonds mined in the world. Which means they are also relatively affordable when equated with any colorless selection of stones.


Comparison of prices of brown diamonds with their clear counterparts shows that buying a good diamond does not have to make your wallet suffer. For a 1 carat F VS2, two 1 carat brown diamonds can be bought instead. A 1 carat brown diamond can cost as less as $2,500 while the clear diamond can only go as low as $4,000.


A vital characteristic of the Chocolate Diamond® is its cut. This is in reference to the angles at which the diamond sharpens and what its proportions are after the transformation process. These now polished diamonds underwent changes to reach their final form and this is another factor to look into when procuring one.


The physical shape of the diamond should be looked at carefully to recognize the curves of its form. Secondly, there is a precise quality of cut within the actual shape of the stone.  You can understand the proportions well by consultation with a jeweler as well as look closely as the facets. The cut superiority will do a lot for both the quality and price of the Chocolate Diamond®.


The carat weight of your diamond should matter considerably. The weight is the most important factor that can increase or decrease the price point of the stone. Brown diamonds especially rely on carat to prove their value and substance. An example is that a 1 carat brown diamond as a whole would be more costly than two .50 carat one. Similarly, a colorless diamond would be more expensive than three of these combined.