Deliver Food With These Delivery APPS & Earn Easy Cash

Sitting in an office and doing the numbering behind a computer screen or coding a program is not the only way to earn money anymore. With a food delivery driver app, you can now register yourself to deliver food and earn extra cash without having to interact with people, unlike driving in Uber. In this peer-to-peer economy, getting paid by delivering food is a lot easier than you think. All you require is a mode of transportation i.e. bike, car, motorcycle or you can sometimes even deliver on foot and a smartphone.

You only have to register yourself with a food delivery driver app and start delivering food and earning today. There are numerous such apps that you can work and deliver with. Whether it is a meal from a local Turkish restaurant or grocery for the week, there are numerous on-demand food delivery apps looking for drivers. Let’s have a look at some apps for delivery driver that pay you to deliver food and other stuff.

  • UberEats

Nobody is unknown to Uber, a GPS-managed taxi service that you can order from your smartphone. In 2015, Uber launched UberEats, a food delivery service where customers get food delivered to their doorstep. This food delivery driver app is always on the outlook for drivers. The drivers only have to pick food from restaurants and deliver to customers.

  • DoorDash

Similar to UberEats, DoorDash lets the customer get food delivered from their favorite restaurants to their doorstep. Get paid to deliver food by setting your own schedule. DoorDash drivers, Dashers as they are called, are eligible to a base pay and you get to keep all the tips to yourself.

  • Udely

Udely is a peer-to-peer map-integrated delivery service that lets the customer get anything from food, groceries, personal items, home goods, etc. delivered to their home or office. You can become a delivery driver, called Udely, and start earning today. You can become your own boss, get paid for the deliveries you made and manage your own schedule.

  • Grubhub

With Grubhub, customers get food delivered by ordering from mobile phones or online restaurants. You can become a driver of this food delivery driver app if you are 19 years or above, have 2 years of driving experience and have a smartphone.

  • Shipt

An on-demand grocery delivery service, Shipt hires shoppers who will buy groceries for the customer and deliver to their doorstep. You can earn bucks by becoming a Shipt shopper. All you have to do is accept an order, shop the stuff and deliver it within stated time. Shipt allows the shopper to keep 7.5% of every order other than the base pay of $5/order.

Being hired as a driver for food delivery driver app is the best way to buck up your bank account and give your finances a boost. What’s best about these delivery driver jobs is that you get you select your own schedule and work on your own pace.